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Label printer applicators are basic robots that automatically print and apply pressure-sensitive labels to various products. Some types of labeling
include shipping labeling, content labeling, graphic images, and labeling to comply with specific standards such as those of GS1 and Universal
Product Code U.P.C. A pressure-sensitive label consists of a label substrate and adhesive. First developed in the late 1970s, today there are over
70 manufacturers of these types of machines worldwide.



Roan Systems, a South African national provider of IT products and services, is proud to announce the release of the LPA1000 Printer Applicator. This prints and applies solution, or Label Print Applicator, is designed to optimise mixed product environments using its Automatic-Label-Anywhere feature.

The LPA1000 is a durable commercial grade label printer applicator designed for manufacturing and distribution environments with powerful upgrade options that offer the greatest width of productivity and cost savings tools.




Customers can begin bar code labeling today using the Printronix T5r to manually print and apply labels. When automation becomes the next step in the labeling process, We will convert the customer’s T5r printer into the Vanomation LPA1000 Label Printer Applicator at the customer site, saving the customer on equipment costs.



Other LPAs require two or more units to apply multiple labels to cartons/pallets, a more costly approach. The Automatic Label Anywhere™ option combines all this into one single operation, saving valuable set-up and labeling time, and reduced capital equipment costs. One LPA to apply labels anywhere on cartons and pallets.

  • Run mixed product batch processes and apply labels anywhere on the box
  • Automated stand and photo-eye ensure labels are applied to correct locations
  • No Operator intervention required to manually re-position the LPA on a stand


inAni EZ-2250i 

Printer and accessories

Complete system incl. adjustable stand, EZ-2250i printer and accessories

Fully adjustable AG2000 applicator arm, control unit and fan; 24V PNP Photo sensor

4" Printer, 203dpi TPH, incl. LAN, 7ips. 

Heavy duty modular applicator stand with built in sensor brackets and bolts

Incudes printer accessories; applicator interface for as well as a rewinder unit


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