Continuous Form Laser Printers


 colour F36C

- Performance: Prints up to 35 full Color pages per minute (Continuous Letter, Landscape, page format)
- Monthlyduty cycle: 150,000pages/month(Letter, Landscape)
 - State-of-the-art, custom designed, full Color Laser print engine that offers printed output on both, continuous form or cut-sheet media, also is capable of printing cost savings, true “monochrome” or “black” output.
- ”OpenArchitecture” PrintSupplies,to insure cost-effective operation…only replace the individualSupplies that need to be replaced and continue to use the Supplies that still have life in them… this saves you money!
- Perfect for Color print applications such as Pressure Sensitive Labels, eye-catching “spot Color” Invoices or Statements and many other applications.
- The MICROPLEX SOLID F36C eliminates the need and cost to stock inventory of your custom Color media and allows you to create custom designed Color printed product, when you need it… ”on-demand!”

 mono 1  F166


- PRINT SPEEDS, (Variable, adjustable): 106 or 166 pages per minute (2-up Letter, 17” wide x 11” long, format) 3500 or 5500 lines per minute at 6 lines per inch
- Automated, Powered Stacker included with Printer, no extra charge!
- Xenon Flash Fusion technology offers the ability to successfully fuse your print, on a variety of media types
- LED Array Print head; 300 x 300 or 600 x 600 dots perinch, print resolution, OPC Image Drum
- Printlanguage emulations include; HP PCL5e, PRINTRONIX IGP, VGL/PGL, QMS CodeV,Tally MT6XX, Xerox XES, Epson FX. Etc.
- Prints continuous tractor-feed media, up to 18” wide (adjustable from 6” to 18”), Printable area maximum of 17” wide
- Small Footprint (with Stacker): 30.7” (W) x 53.5” (H) x 59.8” (D) 780 mm (W) x 1360 mm (H) x 1520 mm (D)
- Straight-through paper path for worry-free forms handling


mono 2 F60


- USPS MERLIN & Intelligent Mail® Barcode Compliant!
- Print Speed:
  - 59 pages per minute (11" x 8.5" long, page format)
  - 45 pages per minute (14 7/8" wide x 11" page format)
  - 3000 lines per minute @6 lines per inch
- Xenon Flash Fushion: for versatile media, print capabilities
- Print Resolution: 300 x 300 dots per inch
- Standard Emulations include: PCL5e, PTX IGP, Tally MT6xx, PTX Line Printer + Epson FX, IBM ProPrinter
- Paper Handling: Continuous tractor-feed media, up to 16" wide (adjustable from 6.5" to 16")
 - Footprint: 31.7" (W) x 49.2" (H) x 33.5" (D)
- Paper Path: Straight-through engine, for worry-free forms handling



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